All new Swimart Franchisees are required to undergo a comprehensive twenty-three day training course. This course has thirteen training modules which cover all facets of the Swimart business, from product and chemical knowledge, pool and spa filtration, retailing, marketing, customer service and a lot more. Training modules are a mixture of both practical and theoretical learning and are mainly conducted by successful and experienced Trainer Franchisees in selected training shops. Each new franchisee is assigned a Swimart mentor for the first six months of operation. Your Swimart mentor is an experienced Swimart franchisee close by who you can call if you need any assistance. They will help you settle into your new business and help you out if you get into any difficulty or have any queries. They work closely with your Regional Franchisee manager. In addition to the initial training Swimart conducts further training sessions on all aspects of the business on a regular basis.
You are, however you must build your store in accordance with Swimart’s standard fitout requirements. Swimart will provide you with our official Fitout Manual which specifies how a store is to be built and the types of materials and finishes you need to use. We can also recommend professional trades people including store designers and shopfitters for your consideration. Your Regional Franchise Manager, along with the Swimart Franchise Operations Manager can work with you on a day to day basis. They can assist with all aspects of shop construction from design, quoting, construction, signage, product merchandising and store set up.
Swimart recommends that your first service vehicle be a van as it provides the most flexibility. The make and model is up to you. However we recommend one with a flat loading area and multiple access points. As your fleet grows you may wish to add a tray top or utility for greater flexibility. Full details on service vehicle requirements are specified in the Store Design and Fitout Manual.
Marketing campaigns and promotions occur regularly throughout the year with the major activity occurring in the peak summer selling season. During this time Swimart is featured prominently on TV in all areas where there is a Swimart store. TV advertising is backed up by other advertising such as promotional catalogues and flyers, metropolitan and local press and local area marketing. Swimart also invests heavily in web marketing and promotions and has a comprehensive consumer website. Australian Olympic swimming legend, Susie O’Neill, is the Swimart ambassador and advertising “face” of Swimart. She features prominently in all our advertising campaigns. National and regional advertising is supported and enhanced by a multitude of local area marketing activities conducted by all Swimart stores across the country. Swimart provides all franchisees with professional public relations services as well as a Local Area Marketing manual full of proven and effective local marketing activities which you can use in your area. Swimart's marketing manager works closely with every franchisee in this area.
This depends on whether you are buying a new or existing store. The price of an existing store is set by the franchisee and, naturally, will vary based on the value of plant, equipment and goodwill. The cost of a new store will also vary based on the size of the premises and the extent of fitout required. Typically, an average new store costs between $150,000 and $220,000 to establish.
Swimart has developed a comprehensive Operations Manual that covers everything you need to know about your Swimart business from advice on fit-out, business registration and daily operations to reporting, accounting and staff matters. From training to uniforms and from marketing to technology support, nothing is left to chance. Furthermore your State Franchise Manager is there to help you every step of the way
We require a retail/showroom site of approximately 150 square metres. Potential sites must: * Offer easy access for customers (with either on-site or easy on-street parking). * Be located on a primary or secondary road. * Be highly visible to passing traffic. * Preferably be located in a retail strip of shops, shopping centre or retail precent. While it isn’t always possible to find a site that ticks al the boxes, we wil normally approve one that fits these criteria most closely.
Your Regional Franchise Manager will arrange introductions to all the major Swimart suppliers on your behalf. These meetings will take place prior to you opening your store and these suppliers will show you their range of products. They will also explain how they work with Swimart Franchisees and how they can organise training sessions on their products for you and your staff at a time that suits you. In most cases your Regional Franchise Manager will be in attendance at these meetings.
We ask you to propose two or three potential sites. Our Regional Franchise Manager will assess the sites for their suitability. If you haven’t a particular site or locality in mind, Swimart will work with you to find one in your designated area. We will conduct the lease negotiations in consultation with you and our standard lease requirements. When all parties are comfortable with the site and the lease terms and conditions we will enter in to an agreement to secure the premises.
No, Swimart has carefully put together a comprehensive product range that covers all pool owner needs. Products are regularly reviewed and selected by the Swimart Merchandise Manager, along with the franchisees Product Advisory Committee and senior Waterco buyers, and are tabled in the Swimart ‘Authorised Product List’. This list includes quality products from other suppliers as well as Waterco. Swimart stores are only allowed to stock and sell products that are listed on the ‘Authorised Product List’. As part of your franchise agreement you are bound to stock our products. But when you consider that they are all premium products – such as the quality Aqua-Health range of chemicals – and that you can buy them at an advantage price, why wouldn’t you? Waterco has also negotiated exclusive access to many overseas products which also form part of Swimart’s Authorised Products List.
Yes you can. Multi site ownership is feasible with Swimart provided that the franchisee can demonstrate strong management business skills. You must also demonstrate the capacity to properly fund more than one franchise. There have been several multi site franchisees in the past and we have two right now.
Of course you can. Swimart works closely with our franchise partners through both the National Advisory Committee (N.A.C.) and Product Advisory Committee (P.A.C.) The N.A.C. was established in 1994 to facilitate franchisees contribution to the business. All franchisees nominate and elect their area representative to sit on both councils which meet quarterly. In addition to this each region has a minimum of four Franchise Meetings a year where Franchise management meet with franchisees to discuss the business. In NSW and Queensland these meetings are held around nine times a year.